Monday, May 3, 2010

this little girl is everywhere.
well, we had to do it. we had to buy a baby gate. Mainly because in the hallway where the carpet meets the tile, there is a tear thats been there since we moved in. the rug keeps unraveling and therefor the underneath shows and there are staples sticking out.. dangerous. She loves to go back there cause there are the bedrooms. But we have to wait till the gate comes in the mail because oh yeah, our walmart is crap and doesnt have one. Anywho now that she has ben crawling everywhere, she's exploring everything which means a bigger mess. And our vacuum obviously doenst do a very good job. I hate it. She manages to find the LITTLEST pieces of who knows what, food.. paper.. you name it and stick it in her mouth. Oh well. Also we wanted a gate to put in the door way so she can't escape outside when i want the doors open.

i figured i would show everyone a video of her going everywhere. of course... the battery ran out. Shocking? no. but if you listen carefully she was kinda singing to herself. Too cute.

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Jody and Alex said...

Wow, I feel like you were just telling me how she wasn't crawling an now she is! I love how she is singing to herself-too cute