Saturday, May 22, 2010

past week.

make sure to look below this post for a blizzard video. not shocking for rexburg!

but anywho.. not a whole lot has been happening lately because the weather has not been so nice. Its been windy and cold! where did those few days of warm sunny weather go? i bought a pool for D. and we cant even use it! but here are some pictures from the past week. Blogger is being dumb, so i had to make a slide show of just only a few photos. oh well! enjoy.

We went to 2 of tom's games. During both of them we froze. She was happier to have the chair to herself..oh and tom won both games by a lot (11-1 and 12-5). In the other pics she's helping with laundry, helping me cook, or not helping me considering all she wanted to do was play with my apron ties. And the othe rone is of her infront of the dishwasher. she LOVES to lick that thing. so gross.

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