Tuesday, August 5, 2014

holy moly.

sorry i haven't updated in over a month. its been a hectic month. We just got back from Utah/Idaho vacation we weren't originally planning on going to. We came back to find out Tom got an interview with a school he's been wanting to teach at ever since going to school....

friday he had the interview and he didn't feel it went very well. But two hours later they called and offered him the position!

so now we are in crazy mode. Trying to find a place to live. Trying to pack. Trying to figure out where D will be going to kindergarten. All that good stuff.

so there is our update

the boys also celebrated their 2nd birthday and i have lots of pictures of that along with our Lagoon/Rexburg trip. Hopefully maybe when we move or if i get more then 10 minutes at the computer i will add those.

ps. this school is closer to Toms family - like 40 minutes away. And there is a winco, and target near by. Also, i get out of this town. I hate to be "debbie downer" but seriously - this place has not been good for this momma! so i am super excited to move and get to a new place and make new friends.

wish us luck!

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