Thursday, July 29, 2010

My new Baby!

obviously not a real one... but today i used the money we sold our car with to buy THIS:
My sis in law Bonnie has one (she has the 5000 better one) and my neighbor has this one and ive been seeing all the pictures they take and how incredibly better they are so I told myself i could splurge once and get something for me. Tom has golfing (had baseball, other sports) as a hobby, and i wanted something for me! So im excited to learn how to use it and hopefully ill get some good practice while we are HERE:
We're heading to North Carolina (the outter banks) with my family for a whole week! we leave tomorrow for salt lake and then saturday we're flying to the beach!! I AM SO EXCITED! i haven't seen them in 7 months! Im so excited for Dulany and her cousin Elsa to play together (since before they were too little!)

Ill make sure to post TONS of pictures when we get bacK!

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The Beck Bunch said...

I love it!! I want one also!! Have lots of fun with it!