Sunday, August 1, 2010

A little preview.

we FINALLY made it to the outter banks. friday we flew from portland to salt lake (with a stop in boise) and then saturday early morning is when the fun began. Or not. Our flight with american airlines was pushed 3 hours because they took our plane to LA.... so we had to switch flights to delta. We made it from SLC to Chicago and then went Atlanta. We left late from chicago so we missed our flight from altanta to norfolk by 6 minutes.... so that was 7 pm. the next flight was 10 pm. The guy told the couple infront of us that they would be on standby for tickets for that flight so when we went to go put our names up the guy actually gave us the last 2 seats on the next flight! so 10 pm finally came and we got first class seats!! thank goodness something finally went right.

so basically we were supposed to get in at 6:30 to Norfolk then drive the 90 minutes to the OBX... instead we got in at 11:45 and didnt get in till nearly 2 am... it was a LONG day... total hours of travel ...17 hours. Luckily Dulany did pretty well. Doesn't help she is teething and she had a temp of 102.3 the night before we left...

anywho, we're here. The boys have had TONs of fun boogie boarding and Dulany loves playing with cousin Elsa and playing in the surf getting her feet wet.

here are a few photos from today> More to come for sure! we just got done lookiing for crabs on the beach with flashlights. we found a lot (and some HUGE ones!)

Dulany playing in the sand with her belly sticking out

Cute cousin Elsa!

Tom and Alex boogie boarding

Cousins playing together

Tom Dulany and Grandma(Pam) on the beach playing.

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Jody and Alex said...

I really like the one of the guys boogie boarding. i am loving your nice new camera