Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lost Pictures

Since ive had the new camera i forgot about my little camera and the pictures on it! so here they are... not in order at all!

Helping the girls pick beans

at the airport, very happy for some reason i cant remember!

At Mo's with momma

At mo's with daddy

Sitting in the diaper bag and really happy! silly girl.

here is a video of D. playing "starfall" (thanks bonnie for showing us this). She is now obsessed. if anyone sits at the computer she comes and wants to play. its hilarious. She's got A down to a T. I tried to get a video but its def. not as good as the first time she did it. She says "A ahh apppppppol *very slow*"(not so much apple but she tries, but shes got A ahhh down!) here is what i could get.


The Sabatini Family said...

She is getting way too big and is so smart!! Isn't Starfall awesome? I love how she knows "A" so well. Too cute. I miss her so much!!! XOXO

Jessica and Trent said...

In the picture with you in it, your hair looks so cute! and of course, dulany is adorable :)