Sunday, August 29, 2010

D is for Doll

Dulany is now obsessed with - (thank you bonnie for showing us this). Everytime someone goes to the computer D. follows and wants to sit in your lap because she thinks starfall is going to play. It's a site to teach ABC's and it's pretty cute. She has the A-Ah-Apple down (appol for her). Now she goes around saying appol all the time. (i put that video up before). Recently she loves the D page.... it has a dinosaur dance (and roar which she loves) and mostly the D is for Doll, Dancing Doll - and the little doll has the music and dances... she follows. I caught it as best as i could on video.. here it is.

ps. a post below about the Oregon State Fair!


Jody and Alex said...

haha, Love how she was conducting the music, too cute!

Kim Hodges said...

Trent says that it is a good opportunity and would take Enterprise over Aflac any day of the week. If he hasn't already use Trent as a reference, and if you have questions give him a call. His number (602)885-9943. The potential for pay is well, it is long hours, but it's a good job. Where would you guys go if you did Enterprise?