Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oregon State Fair

Yesterday we went to the Oregon state Fair. It was pretty fun. We were tired (D. especially since she hadn't napped in 2 days! and tom started to feel sick). but had a lot of fun looking at Cows and old tractors the saw racing (they show it on espn sometimes where the guys race to cut/chop wood) and Tom and Jon (kaylee's husband) went on this one ride (if you call it that) that shoots you up in the air. we got it on video. Here are the VERY few pictures we got..

Grandma and Dulany with the baby cows... Dulany was a little scared to go so close to them. but she kept saying "moooooo" (not as well but she knows what to say when you say "Tow" - her word for cow)

Watching the competition with daddy

Candid shot..

Tom and Jon on their way back down.

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