Sunday, August 15, 2010

getting too big.

seriously. i think since we've been in Oregon she's gotten smarter which makes her more like a big girl!

she greet everyone with a smile and "HIII!" it weird that i get annoyed when people in the store or anywhere say "oh my she's just a happy girl with that smile" ....? haha

yesterday morning she copied me when i said "aiy aiy aiy" which cracked me up...

we also went to the tillamook fair yesterday. We said "look at the cows" .. Dulany: "coooowww?" right off the bat!

then the other day i was singing old mcdonald to her... now she goes around "blah blah blah E- I- E- I OOOO (repeats herself a ton with this)

and now she has Uh oh down to a T. although she will throw somehting and go "uh oh..." (sometimes "uh uh oh")

she went to nursery last week... she sat a big kids table, ate popcorn, played with the big kids... She went back today with grandma while i taught YW.. Grandma came out and said "she started to play red light green light with the kids and did exactly what the other kids did".. (i wish i was able to see this!)

she also can count "oooone, teeewww, thweee (and sometimes fooow).

Im not writing this to be like "my kid is so smart!" im just shocked how quickly she picks up on things! she def. wasn't like this in rexburg (or maybe i just didnt notice it as much)... but man, she's getting so big and its making me so sad!!

anywho, i know im a slacker. but i didnt take the big camera to the fiar yesterday and of course my little camera was dead. so no pictures. ill try to get some!

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