Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my growing girl

its official, my little girl is growing up too fast. I think she just went through a growth spurt cause all of a sudden she looks a few inches taller! Not only that but she's learning to sit on her own too! before, we started to try with her leaning against my leg or what not and she would be able to sit by herself for like 10 seconds at the most. But today she did it for the longest time (no worries, i got videoS (multiple!) of it! shes just etting too big! i just saw a video of an old friend and his little new baby girl and i miss how teeeny she was! but its way fun to see her grow and get older. She is just too cute!

here are the vids of her sititng up (i did what my sis in law bonnie did and made a youtube account. i waited for 45 minutes at least for this video to upload and gave up. Hopefully this works. let me know if it doesnt!) ps.please excuse my voice for being so loud in this vid. whoops!

ok these pictures are pretty random, but... first i made this teriyaki chicken rice bowl that i got from my sister. It is delish! tom and i love it and make it a lot now. But seriously, does this not look like you would get it from somewhere (like hogi yogi?) i was pretty proud. haha

Yesterday i made some christmas cookies! my sister bought me some cookie cutters last year (which is awesome, ive been trying to find a wide variety of them) and so i made some sugar cookies and even found some food coloring and cake decorator. Don't they make you think its time for christmas?! yes!

and its the first of december and its SNOWING right now. I know, whoop-de-do. It snows all the time in rexburg. But for some reason since we havent really had TOO much yet. its still exciting. Give me a few weeks and ill tell you im sick of it.

ONLY 3 WEEKS (and one day) till we go to DC/PA! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

alright now here is just a random video of her i took today, she's doing a lot better in the exersaucer playing with all the toys unlike before where she just sunk into it and looked at them. And, dont mind her at the end when she kept looking back and forth, back and forth.. i think its cause i had a towel on my head and she was confused.


Scimber said...

I'm kindof missing the excitement of the first snows....but I will definitely NOT miss driving in it!! And I KNOW when I've got perfect weather in so cal by March, I will definitely NOT be missing the freezing Rexburg weather! haha I do miss my cute condo though. :( You cant have it all!

Jody and Alex said...

a few things:
1. Yay for Dulany sitting,a big milestone
2.agree it must be sad for you that she's already so big!
3. love all the videos!!!
4. Don't miss rexburg snow!
5. Glad that recipe worked out, its a good one!
6. I am EXTREMELY jealous of your cookie baking and decorating.Wish I was there. I'm talking Pam into letting me cook at home...i'm in withdrawal!
7. ditto on the Christmas countdown!
ok I think thats it!!

Joey and Michelle said...

She is getting so big! I feel the same way. we're going in for 6 month shots today eek. Dulany is so good at sitting up! i love her little voice. it is so sweet and girlie! I wish we lived somewhere that it snowed. So pretty! Can't wait for Dulany and Ray to get together :)

JeSsIe and Alma said...

I love how Christmas-y it is at your place! I am jealous! I need to get a tree and make cookies! Dulany is so cute and growing up! I loved when Kaitlyn sat up, it just keeps going faster from now on! Miss you guys!