Saturday, December 12, 2009

ANOTHER video!

this is impressive. 3 posts in 3 days. Amazing. Just so happens dulany was being so silly yesterday when she was playing in her exersaucer. She's finally realized ALL the toys on it and lvoes playing with them. She would play with one toy on it and then get REALLY excited (youll see in the video) it just cracked me up!

here are my two loves on the way to our ward christmas party. We left right when santa came because she was so tired, so we're going to take a trip to the mall this next week to go take a picture with him.

did we mention that today is tom's last day at The Tire Factory!? SO excited!! im not so excited about him having a non-paying internship, but im SOO excited that i will have him home with me on saturdays. This is the first time since he's been up here at school that he wont work saturdays. He's doing an internship with Beehive Federal Credit Union this winter semester while going to school. In the summer semester he MIGHT do another internship with Northwestern Mutual.. selling life insurance but he has the opportunity to go back to tire factory if he wants.

Im just excited to have him home with me for the weekends. i always hated that everyone else in our complex has their husband home with them on saturdays except me.


The Sabatini Family said...

Too cute!!!

Jody and Alex said...

I had a good laugh at this video. I watched her jumping in excitement over and over...too funny!