Monday, December 7, 2009

SWEET potatoes!

2 posts in one day! alright! well here are pIcs of dulany eating sweet potatoes. I got some while i was at the store and decided to puree them myself.. it took a long time... and it was quite messy. It was annoying.. but oh well, she liked them. I tried to get a picture of her smiling but only came out with crazy pictures! she's such a silly girl. here are the pics.

here are also pics of her with dad. she sat with him and just stared at him efor the longest time. it was hilarious! and of course, the last one, dad pinching cheeks. i swear... ihave to pull his hands away from her most of the time. She gets little red marks on her cheeks from being kissed and pinched all the time!

make sure to scroll down, anothe rpost WITH video!


The Sabatini Family said...

Sweet potatoes ROCK!! Those were one of Adam's favorite! I LOVE those booties. So cute!!

Joey and Michelle said...

Ray loves sweet potatoes too! and he sits the same way on the sofa with Joey. although, he has had two blow-outs sitting like that, all over joey haha. Watch out tom!

Lauren said...

Ava LOVED sweet potatoes too! That's cool that you make your own baby food. I should learn to do that. Is it easy?

Anonymous said...

LOL she is too cute!! I still want to see her. And you are always welcome to use me as a free babysitter! My husband is trying and I have never seen him around babies before!! lol