Friday, December 18, 2009

In the Dark

last night about 7:45-8... we were left in the dark. The power went out and we figured it would come on in a few minutes. its happened before. So then we looked outside. we saw nothing but black. it was kinda neat, kinda scary. We saw everyone going to their cars to get flashlights, candles being lit... so luckily we had some candles in the apartment so we lit those and about an hour later, after a game of yahtzee, the lights came on , but only for a second, and went back off. I guess the power went out almost to idaho falls and all the way to saint anthony. It was quite funny watching people leaving to go somewhere yet everywhere else, the power was out too. Ive never seen so many cars leave our parking lot like i did last night. It lasted till about 10:00 or so.. i dont even remember. But Im not going to lie, it was kinda fun. Dulany was already going to sleep so tom and i played some board games and cards and studied a little bit (luckily his computer was all the way charged).

I thought about it, he was supposed to have a final last night at 7... and there were tons of students taking finals when it went out. But im glad his got switched to today early this week because i wouldve HATED to be home alone when that happened!

So here we are. or tom... bag of doritos, candles and yahtzee. So romantic yes?

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