Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dulany in the Snow

so it was snowing a Ton a week or so ago and so i decided to take dulany out in it. Well of course, right as i was taking the video, the camera died. ALways happens. Just my luck, i get her ALL bundled up, and she's out ther for a minute and i ahve to unbundle her again. Now i know why my parents made me and my siblings stay out in the snow for a good while if we ever did go out... its a lot of work! Since she doesnt have a snow suit or anything. i had to put tights, a long sleeved onsie, tights, socks, little bootie shoes, a sweatshirt and jacket. i didnt think she was going to fit in her bumbo haha. But she liked it, not so much the snowflakes on her eyelashes! as you can see in the video, she loved movin her feet around in the snow. It was just too cute. here is the video and some pictures. I think she takes a little after my sister Corinne with her red nose. She always had a red nose in her pics when she was little, and so does Dulany (which happens to be Corinne's middle name). Her nose turned so red in these pics. But first a video. Gotta love the end. She likes to have her mouth open WIDE a lot of the time, my little weirdo!

looking at mom wondering, what is this stuff, and why am i sitting in it?!

she doesnt have any snow boots, therefor she wears tights, socks and her little bootie/shoes

she wasnt a fan of all the snowflakes landing on her eyelashes!

Close up! of my little girl
hahhaha she's so bundled up.. i didnt think she would fit in her bumbo.

here are other pics. One with Dulany and Daddy on our bed. Shes too cute!!

and here is one of her snuggling with me. she NEVER snuggles, so i made sure to get a picture of it!


Jody and Alex said...

love her face in the picture with Tom on the bed! Fun that Dulany got to experience some snow, Don't think E is big enough to care yet!

Chelsea Nicole said...

Haha I can't believe she fit!