Thursday, December 31, 2009

finally home.

we're finally home in rexburg in our OWN apartment with our own beds and what not. Its so nice to be back after the lONGEST day ever yesterday. Holy cow.

it all started when iwas going to go check my email. I ended up signing into Tom's instead where Orbitz decided to let us know our flight had been cancelled. Crap. Well so i told him, he called the airlines and they decided to let us know at 11:00 (When we called) that our flight moved up to 11:30 am from 5:00 pm!! WHO does that and doesnt tell us? yikes. Anywho. so we had to get a new flight home (after an hour on the phone) and we finally found one at 4:45 to detriot then to SLC and supposed to get in at 9:30pm (which was better than the original flight, so we thought). we had to drop off the rental car at 2. so we left at 1.. we did that. got to the airport. got through all the security and what not and had some time to spare. Dulany was doing really well. We got on. we left and off to detriot on a teeeeeny little plane. Dulany slept the whole time. Thank you. We got to detroit. got off, and went to the next gate with time to fill up bottles, change her and then board the plane. Another teeny plane, but newer. We got on... "Oh we need to wait to de-ice the plane" - hour and a half later after waiting in line to do so, we take off. Then they let us know that we had to stop in Lincoln nebraska to "fuel up" becaue of the wind. HOLYC OW! luckily, dulany slept the whole way to nebraska. So we had to wait another 30 minutes while we do that. From nebraska to Salt lake (about 2 hours) dulany was awake for some of it, but she did really well... and talked a lot. On the way to DC she FREAKED out because her ears were popping and she didnt want us to hold her when she wanted to sleep, but on the way home she was good. And its a good thing because it was such a long trip. I think we calculated that we were on a plane for 8 hours total. 13 hours total of traveling. We were supposed to get in at 9:30 didnt get in till 11. didnt get in to Tom's uncles house till midnight (2 am east coast time). We left from slc this morning and we're finlaly home.

i have a LOT of pics and LOTS of videos to post. but i have too much laundry and grocery shopping to do. So itll have to wait. But seriously, youll love it.

ps. DULANY CAN SAY MAMMA! I love it.

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