Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today, Dulany turned 6 months!! crazy how time flies. Seriously... i really gave birth 6 months ago!? Today we had a WIC appointment so she was weighed and measured. she was 14 lbs 7oz and 24 inches long. So she grew a little bit. 2 lbs heavier, 2 inches longer. She was in the 25% for height, 50% for weight. but this is according to her due date (cause according to WIC she is a premie... kinda dumb if you ask me)

as for her, she's doing tons better sitting up on her own. She can go for over a minute but either goes to the side or face plants as she tries to get a toy. (she hasnt faceplanted hard.. yet at least... just slowely goes forward) She still hasnt rolled from her back to her front... but at this point ive given up on worrying about it. She just hates her tummy. and therefore doesnt like tummy time very much. She does a great "mini push up" and then rolls right back over to her back. She loves her exersaucer much more lately (as you saw in preivous posts) because she's more entertained by the toys on it.

as for eating, she's been eating sweet potatoes for dinner with rice and oatmeal and bananas for breakfast. I love when she eats now because she gets so excited kicking her legs and opens her mouth up WIDE waiting for the next bite and she doesnt spit it out nearly as much. I can't wait to let her try new foods.

she's still sleeping really well. Usually going to bed between 7-8 and sleeping till 6-7 in the morning. She can only stay awake for an hour and a half - 2 hours before wanting to take a 2 hour nap. (which she takes about 3 of them a day) so i feel like most of the time she's sleeping. Which makes it hard in church or anywhere else we go because she still doesnt sleep anywhere else but her crib. AHH! But i was talking to my friend mel today and realized i can't have everything! i at least have her sleeping through the night.. so i think id rather have that! I think after the christmas break im going to try to get her to sleep not being swaddled anymore. we'll see how that goes.

only one week exactly and we'll be in DC on our way to PA for christmas!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM! (ok maybe you do, but seriously. SO excited for Dulany to meet her grandma pam, uncle royce and aunt corinne.)

and i really wish i had a new pic of her but today we've been running errands and she's been sleeping (i catch a growth spurt coming on soon) so youll just have to wait!


Crying Baby Help said...

For babies to have a sound sleep, they must have a consistent bed time routine. Lay down the baby on the same bed even for naps, make the room dark and play some music. This way it will keep the baby from crying too.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

so my 2 month old just got weighed today...and he was the EXACT same as your 6 month old...eek!! And a half inch longer. seriously where did this chunker come from? Exactly opposite of her petite little sister that was barely 18 lbs on her first birthday!! what a cutie you have.

P.S. I hate wic too...those nurses in there annoyed me so bad. Even though I enjoyed the "free" food I am sorta glad I don't have to deal with them again.

Michelle Starrs said...

She is so cute! Its so fun that her and Ray and close to the same age. Ray is doing pretty much the same things as Dulany :) I love reading about her!