Friday, September 17, 2010

15 months

Dulany turned 15 months yesterday. She has grown a TON!! now that we have baby Ayla around its crazy to compare the two (in size that is) and can't believe she used to be that little (actually, smaller).
Dulany now can say prayers. it is the cutest thing ever. We'll say our nightly prayers before bed or at the dinner table and she'll cross her arms on her own (well, she learned on her own, we've never really "forced" her to fold her arms during prayer).she is very observant! and catches on quickly

she's beginning to run everywhere.this is her in action over to great grandma/grandpa roberts house (across the driveway).

she's got 6 teeth and 1 trying to break through (4 on top).
her favorite words - appol (still) meow, uh oh, grandpa, dadda, "sh sh" with a finger up her nose instead of over her mouth, she's starting to say "no" a lot... great!.. along with some others.
she now knows how to do the 5 little monkies song by doing hand motions.
She tries to open the doors.
she loves to do fishy lips!

honestly, she's doing a WHOLE lotta stuff and i just can't think of it all...
but she does get jealous when grandma is holding baby Ayla. I got a few pictures of it. She does pretty well around her although she wants to touch her all the time which we are trying to get "be soft" down with her. she does pretty good but occasionally she wants to poke Ayla's face. Hopefully this will be good practice when we have another baby in the future .. not anytime soon that is. This whole week i kept saying to myself, i don't know how the parents do it with two kids under two.... its hard! (i watched both of them this morning while Kaylee was in an appt. and it was a little difficult!haha).
Anywho. here are some more pictures of ayla rose:


The Beck Bunch said...

She is getting big!! WOW! But remember if you did get pregnant now you still have 9 months and Dulany will be that much older too. (Not that that will change your mind, but just in case it happens (that you get pregnant).)

Mitch and Jaci said...

oh my gosh Jessie she is so big! You guys need to come back so they can play together now that carson is finally old enough. Hope you are having fun in oregon