Sunday, December 4, 2011


iphoto is back up and running. now i can upload pictures!

we had the missionaries over for dinner the other day. our little kitchen and dining room are ..well. little. and so i had Dulany watch a movie and eat dinner picnik style.

after eatting and realizing Dulany hadn't come in to the kitchen to say hi for a little bit, and it was quiet, we went into the living room and found her like this. haha poor girl with peanut butter on her face passed out.

anyways - i found this on pinterest and thought it was cute so D and I did this the other day. She loves it and everytime she goes into the kitchen she yells SNOWMAN!!

update on her - she has coxsackie virus - which is like the hand food mouth virus... the funny thing is.. she doesnt have any on her hands or feet or mouth.. but everywhere else! (i really hope it doesnt spread to her mouth)... she hasnt really scratched until yesterday - but not bad - so thats good. i think we might try oatmeal bath tonight sincei have some handy. Im not sure if she'll get into the water though if its "dirty".. we will see. We have to stay inside ALL the time so i think she's going a LITTLE crazy! as am i!


Jody and Alex said...

the fridge is so cute! I love how she just passed out during dinner- sweet girl. Hope she is getting better.

Anna said...

I completely missed you saying she had a virus, I was wondering earlier today if you had figured it out. My kids had it a month or so ago too. Getting stuck inside for a week or more is no fun.