Friday, September 12, 2014


Im awful at updating. I know.

I have a kindergartener... holy cow.

I'm surprised in how I'm handling this actually.

Luckily i found a girl who could watch the boys the "first day" (which is really half the class coming and playing for a day to get used to the place) so i could go and watch D for a little bit. Well they were all just playing and she made a friend right away. So i left and she had an awesome first day!

then we had to wait till monday for her to go again and she was just not patient enough!

Monday came and i was even more nervous because i couldn't just take her to her room. I had to take her to the playground. The playground where the WHOLE School is playing before school starts.
and it was like walking into a jungle. Luckily there was a little girl in her class that came the same time and i Told D to go follow her and play haha. 

She LOVES it. and Seriously, wish she went every day all day.

They have a weird schedule here. she is in "am" kindergarten where she goes all day Monday, half day wednesday in the morning and then all day Thursday.

She just finished her first "real" week.

Days at home are quieter but its nice to spend some alone time with just the boys. The days go by fast and they love going to pick up Laney from school. Sometimes they go around the house yelling "lane!!!!" wondering where she's at. Its pretty cute!

here she is on her first day!

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