Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Trip to Oregon!

During the week between semesters, we decided to make a trip to Oregon and visit tom's family. It was a lot of fun and great to be with family and away from Rexburg. There was amazing weather the whole time we were there (minus one colder rainy day)but the rest of the time it was up in the 70s and even got into the 80s! the grass was SOO green and fresh and there were tulips and flowers blooming everywhere (which was not good for my allergies!) We left late tuesday night and stayed in boise with tom's aunt and then made the rest of the trip the next day. We got in wednesday afternoon and that night we went to the pool and BOY do i love the smell of chlorine. Luckily my bathingsuit from last summer which was too big pretty much fit my belly. Thursday tom's family threw me a baby shower and iwas so grateful to get a lot of cute clothes and what not from them! gotta love family! Friday it was a little rainy but we went to the coast and went to the tillamook cheese factory (yumm!) and then went to the outlets and got such good deals on such cute baby girl clothes! then we went to Mo's to eat for tom's dads birthday. That was yummy as well! Saturday we had a big breakfast with family and had an easter egg hunt with all the little kids and then Bonnie, betsy and kaylee and I went and got pedicures... now Ive only gotten one pedicure before this and it was kinda crappy, im not going to lie and it was like 3 years ago, so i was pretty excited but not really sure what to expect. THanks betsy for buying me a pedicure! It felt soo good to get my back massaged while my feet were getting pampared. I just looked funny with a huge belly. We also did a girls day pretty much going out to Dragon Gate (finally, some good chinese!! none found in rexburg..) while the boys did other things.

Ohhh yeah sunday was our one year anniversary!! WOO HOO 1 year done! many more to go. This year has been full of different things.. marriage and a baby on the way along with school and work. We've had it pretty good though so if it is going to be the hardest year, we got it easy for the many to come.... but we will see : ) That day we went to stake conf... got home at a nice lunch/dinner, took bonnie and adam to the airport and then tom and i went to the cheesecake factory (which we both have never been to). The food we got was AMAZZZZING and i HAD to get the godiva chocolate cheesecake which was also delish. We left monday morning REALLY early to head back to rexburg. Luckily i was so tired i was passed out for most of the carride so i wasnt too uncomfortable!

Oh did i mention that there is a 7-11 there(unlike here in rexburg) therefor i got at least 2 slurpees a day! IT WAS AMAZING!


Scott & Traci said...

Hey! I've been there! They had really good ice cream :)

Anonymous said...

jess its time for a slurpee I'll buy lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!