Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's about time!

Ok, she FINALLY rolled over from her back to her front. Its hard to NOT compare with other kids. but when other babies are doing it at like 4 months. and shes almost 7 and still couldnt do it.. iw as getting a little worried. But I was talking to my friend and she said she just had to work on helping her daughter with it and just randomly she would do it.. so thats what i did. yesterday and today ive been trying to encourage her and stuff, and she finally did it on her own today! WOO HOO.

now i need to give her more tummy time after all this time on her back haha.

anyways, here is a cute video of her. She discovered her tongue and kinda how to spit.. which isnt good when we're trying to feed her. (Ahh!)but its cute!

we also went out to put some mail in the mail box. its cold. so for a 5 minute walk i have to get her ALL dressed up and no matter how much clothes we put on her and what not, she always gets the red nose.. so cute.


JeSsIe and Alma said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME! GO DULANY! (am i the friend you were talking to?) i was reading that and i was like... wait, i think i am the friend! that is so awesome! it is exciting when they do stuff! it is amazing how when you work with them just alittle how fast they learn! wish we could see ya. we are thinking about coming sometime in the next month!

Jody and Alex said...

Yay Dulany, way to make your momma proud! She sure can make spitting cute! Can't till she and E can have a play-date together!

Michelle Starrs said...

Yay! for rolling over! i always compare ray to other kids. its so hard not to!
Her little red nose is so cute!