Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sitting Up

So for the most part, Dulany can sit up by herself. She still either falls backwards or sometimes leans too much foward and ends up on her tummy somehow. haha but i love that i can have her sitting up playing (with pillow behind her incase) and go do what i need to in the kitchen and still keep an eye on her. She's getting so big! i can't believe it. She'll sit on the couch with me with out leaning on the back or corner and watch me on the computer or watch football with dad (and of course baby einstein which you can tell how addicted she is in the video ill post)

Look how big she's getting!

She also had to get a new winter hat (her little pink beanie doesnt fit anymore which is sad because i loved it, but she is DANG cute in this hat (with matching mittens)). Wouldnt you agree?

Lately, all she wants to grab is 1. the couch, she LOVES the scratch couches.... 2. anything with buttons.. aka the remote, phones, cameras, the computer. Its too funny. Here is a pic of her trying to get off daddy's lap to get the remote.

here is a video of her watching baby einstein. I just ordered new ones.. cause this one is getting OLD, but she loves it and its one thing we know that can calm her down. terrible. i know. But it helps me take a shower and know she's entertained. Also, there's a certain scene that pops up and she knows exactly when it comes and she starts laughing and gets rally excited. Ill have to catch it on camera next time.

A little update. We're trying to get her to go to sleep on her own.. with out being swaddled. She gets too hot and sweats a lot when she is swaddled and i dont want her to depend on it to get her to sleep. Lately she gets swaddled, but she gets her amrs out but then gets mad because she doesnt have her binky. Her heads want to take it out haha. So tonight i decided we're going to start trying again to let her cry it out..

well I gave her a bath, red books, rocked her for a few minutes for cuddle time, and laid her down. She whined, then talked, then cried.. but it only lasted 10 minutes. GREAT i thought.. but then 15 minutes later, she woke up and started to scream, i went in a little while after and rubbed her back, left, screamed some more, went in and rocked her/burped her (she def. needed that. she had so much air in her belly) and put her back down.... well from start to finish it was about 45 minutes of crying/screaming and for the past 20 minutes its been quiet. so i expect she's sleeping. 45 minutes is a wHOLE lot better than the 2 hours it used to be so hopefully if we do this every night itll get a ton better... Then i have to work on naps. Ugh!
WIsh me luck!

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Jody and Alex said...

She really does lover her baby Einstein, pretty cute! Sorry you have to listen to her cry. But I am sure it will get better. E has gone from close to 2 hours to 20 minutes. And I am hoping it keeps getting better. She is already sleeping better. Hang in there.