Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miss Ballerina

we got some more of Dulany's halloween costume. (i think we're going to try to sign her up for some dance class as well, therefor im willing to buy the whole shabang). We got her little skirt which she loves to wear opposed to the toole tutu.. she just wasn't having it. We gotta find shoes but she might just end up wearing whatever shoes she has for halloween. i dont want her to wear little sippers out in the dirt anyways. She LOVED it though and did not want to take it off.

this is where daddy would be proud. he wants D to play softball when she's older - well she probably will as well. she went and got her little baseball mit/baseball.
(sorry these are awful pictures. my battery was about to die and i tried to get them really quick)


Tiffany Fackrell said...

you should look at the second hand stores to see if they have ballet slippers for cheap and then it wouldn't matter if she got them dirty.

The Sabatini Family said...

So cute!! Miss her tons!! XOXOXO

Jody and Alex said...

love the whole outfit with a baseball glove as her accessory- too cute and I am sure tom was a proud dad!