Saturday, September 17, 2011

Model Behavior

Yesterday we put Dulany in a new outfit. we got her these "jeggings" that look like skinny jeans but they're leggings and a new shirt (which was brown and white stripped and when she put it on she said "ohhhh i zeebra!" haha smart girl!)..

anyways i wanted to get a picture of her in this outfit because she looked 1. cute. and 2. big! when i pulled out the camera she found my winter beanie hat and put it on and started posing for me. Usually she says CHEESE but this was like... posing. it was hilarious! here is what i got..(and they are all out of order, oh well! like it matters)

Jumping pose

give a little hip

kisses for daddy!

(i tried to tell her to put her hands on her hips and this is what she did.. close enough!)

she had to grab baby and have her in the pictures

this is how it started (cheeese!)

(more jumping!)

and of course, have to get some cheek pinching in by daddy.

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The Sabatini Family said...

Miss her tons! Tell her to stop growing up!!