Tuesday, May 31, 2011


ok like i said in our last post. we went camping! it was a lot of fun but a bit cold. here are pictures

this is how we woke up our first morning:

this is where we stayed. our little fam strayed in the green tent. brrrr

tom and D on the four wheeler.

in the truck looking for Elk.

the morning before we left, tom's uncle had a flat and couldn't get the spare out. I thought this was pretty funny seeing all the men under the truck trying to see what they could do.

these pictures i just thought were too cute. Just hanging out in the warm trailer while it was quite cold outside.

grandma with the grandbabies that came. D was loving Ayla that day x 100. She was pinching her cheeks, giving kisses and bear hugs. it was too cute!

it was a really fun trip and im glad we got our tent! we're excited to go camping again this summer when its actually WARM!

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