Saturday, June 4, 2011


to my wonderful Hubs, TOM!

He turns 26 today! Wahoo!

im so lucky to have been able to spend the last 4 years of his birthday with him (he argued only 3 since ive known him in the 4 years... i had to argue back no, i even made him a cake for his 22nd birthday because i still liked him... even though we were just friends.)

Right now he's working helping his cousin and then hopefully we can play with D for awhile outside since its supposed to (FINALLY) be 85ish today. (im thinking water will be involved) and then we're going to go out for dinner to this place on 3rd street (we saw pictures from his cousin when she went there and it looks AMAZING!) and (qwama -d's been calling her that lately and papa watch D tonight). And since he doesn't want cake, i think i will go get him his favorite strawberry rhubarb pie and celebrate with his family when we're done with dinner.

I tried to convince tom to go golfing when he got home but he said maybe another day.. um WHAT?

anyways, if tom even reads this, LOVE You and hope you have a fantastic 26th birthday!!

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ashley @ divorced at 20 said...

I love june birthdays! ps... Ashley sullenger is actually my sisters sister in law! plus I went to high school with Ashley sullegener