Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Dulany Kay

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Dulany Kay! Can you believe that she was THIS little?! i miss my little itty baby girl. But I absolutely love how much of a little lady she has become! She's getting pretty darn smart - and sometimes too smart for her own good!

i remember when she turned 1 thinking how crazy it is that i had a 1 year old. Now i have a 2 year old! that is even crazier!

Dulany @ 1 year old

Dulany @ 2 years old

Now its time for potty training, a toddler bed, and im sure a lot more tantrums/attitude! But i'll take it. I love my little girl!! So glad we were blessed to have her in our family.


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Jody and Alex said...

Cute-so fun to look back at when she was born! I love the picture of her when she was a year old and she had those little antennae pigtails. She has so much more hair now!