Thursday, June 9, 2011

Braids, Coloring and Fun

D has outgrown crayons if you can believe it. She would much rather have a pencil or pen (or if she finds one, a marker). Today she found the pen and I let her draw away with it.

She also likes to pretend to be different animals and play under the dinning room table and hide behind the chairs. (i guess like a zoo!?) Today she was screaming like a lion and then screaming back like she was scared. it was pretty funny. of course, i didnt even think to take the video camera out. I did get one picture of her running which was cute-

did i mention i love the fact i can braid her hair?! love love love (this was her afternoon snack watching barney - reason she would not look at me)

she looks too big in this pic! -

on a side note: aren't these so stinkin cute? free printables off - (love that site) so i put this up for tom to see, if he even sees it....



Jody and Alex said...

love love love her cute. Wish I could braid like that!

ryan + elizabeth . said...

D is getting so big! It seems like you just birthed her. Ha

The Sabatini Family said...

I LOVE her hair like that!! So cute! Miss her tons!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO