Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poppcorn Popping..

D is obsessed with popcorn. Anytime I ask her if she would like popcorn for a snack or if she's watching a movie (current obsession - tangled, i can't argue, i love it as well!) - she runs to the microwave screaming pocorn pocorn!

here are a few shots of her with her snack. I think i took these because i finally got the french braiding down and she looks too old with them in her hair (not to mention the outfit was adorable too!)

this one boggles my mind - i think she's grown a few inches as well ... what do ya think!?

these ones are her just being silly! she loves to cover her mouth when she laughs, says "oh cute!" and "ohhh siwwy! (silly)"

seriously. 1 more week = 2 years old!


JeSsIe and Alma said...

So we are obsessed with Tangled... and by we I mean Kaitlyn and I. I got her a Rapunzel doll and a Flynn Rider Doll and a Maximus horse. It came as a gift set with all 3. She earned it after sleeping through the night dry. I wanted her to earn it really bad so I could play with it. And I bought the CD on Itunes and listen to it while I drive. Alma teases me cuz he keeps saying... is it her that likes it or you... she loves it too but I really love it! That movie just doesn't get old like others do!
Anyway, Dulany is getting so old! 2 years old! So fun! it just keeps getting better! Hope she has a great b-day! Wish we could party it up with the Roberts! Hope all is well!

Michelle Gould said...

Wow she is so adorable!!! 2 years means another baby right;)

Jaci said...

SHe is so cute! I cant believe how big she has gotten...

Jody and Alex said...

So cute and so big! She def grew a lot lately!