Monday, June 13, 2011

D's family birthday party

Since aunt Sessie is leaving for chicago tomorrow, and Daddy is away for the week working in washington, we decided to have a just family mini birthday party for Dulany last night. I wanted to give her a little party with decorations and since she's obsessed with tangled i figured it would be fun incorporate it.

a lot of it is really ghetto.... thank you dollar tree. here is what the whole set up looked like (minus i forgot to take a picture of the banner i had with the purple flags with the sun symbol from tangled)

Also - tom's cousin has a little girl D's age (2 weeks apart) and they were planning to do a tangled party as well and she invited me to do a joint birthday party for both the girls. Im excited cause now i can actually try to do this tower again and do a lot of the activities i wasn't able to do just for family). So that will be in 2 weeks.

here is the banner i made - (sorry these pictures are dark!)

here is the tangled tower i made - and then it fell apart... too much weight. For the next party - im going to use something more sturdy to hold up the weight uptop.

this was the beginning - while it was up straight!

then it started to get crushed from all the weight....

so i quickly put everything on the table so i could get a picture quickly! this is the finished product (although i wanted to do a yellow braid coming out of the tower down to the grass) with her cupcake and repunzal tiara
here is the tower with the cupcakes i made as well
this is where it got smushed...

close up of the flowers

the cupcake i made her (i didnt even realize i did purple/yellow until after and realized those were tangled colors!)and her repunzel tiara

she was all ready to blow out the candle ...

then we started singing - she didnt like it.

watching the movie while eating her icecream cone

we got her a kithen and aunt sessie got her play food/pots pans and aunt kaylee got her the little kitchen aid toy

and grandma got her this little table! she loves them and hasn't been able to stop playing!

Wish my family was able to be here to help celebrate! and thanks to toms family for coming and making her birthday fun!

ps. in 3 days, i will officially have a 2 year old! AHHH!


Jody and Alex said...

Cute Kitchen-is that the one you said you found at goodwill or something? Looks like she loved everything! Happy Birthday Dulany!

Jessica and Trent said...

Dulany is a lucky girl!! I am so impressed with your cake decorating skills! Everything looks awesome :)

The Sabatini Family said...

Oh my goodness!! Everything turned out so cute Jess! I love it. And, I can't help but love the picture of her crying when everyone sang to her. Priceless. I think little kid parties are more fun for the parents sometimes! :) What a fun kitchen too!! I can't believe she's going to be 2!!!!!!!! Miss her.

Michelle Starrs said...

that cake is amazing! and the cupcakes looks awesome too! wow. i'm impressed. i can't do stuff like that. 2-years-old... crazy huh?