Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hall of Fame

My dad was inducted to the first ever McLean High Schools Athletic Hall of Fame. (where he taught/coached and where i went to high school). I really wish i could've been there to see it and my family and i was super bummed that i was 3000 miles away when it happened.

Luckily a guy in my homeward back in McLean is the one who did the hall of fame and posted a video of it.

so here it is! - my dad starts at about 8Minute13sec mark.

Dulany loved watching Gramps on there and even yelled out a "WOO HOO!" when he got called up. She also go upset and wanted "more gwamps!" when the video was done.

Just wanted to post and say that im a proud daughter of my dad and wish i was there to support him!

ps. im officially homesick after seeing this.

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