Friday, November 4, 2011

like mother like daughter

So we're in the process of packing... as in ive only packed 2 boxes (not like we only have 2 weeks till we're out of here..... yikes!)

anyways yesterday i was cleaning off Dulany's knick knacks off her dresser and saw my little music jewelery box i got as a kid. I totally forgot about it and on the inside is a little ballerina and when you wind it up it plays a cute little song...I instantly knew Dulany would LOVE it. So I showed it to her and she carried it around all yesterday and got really upset when I had to put it away when she went to sleep. She was dancing to it and wanting to help the ballerina twirl which was a no no... but it was too cute.

oh and on a little side note with extra pictures. we got our bouncer back from kaylee and she knew exactly how it worked. she went and got baby, put her in the straps and turned on the music and vibrations... haha well, hopefully this means she'll be a good helper whenever we have another kid.

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