Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Dulany lOVES halloween! more like dressing up in her ballerina costume. she asked for her costume every morning and refused to get dressed if she couldn't wear it.
She did pretty well with the trunk or treat (last year she wouldnt do it)
and then trick or treating last night she did well as long as houses didnt have too many decorations (witches and ghosts) and if they did she would back up and say "SCARRY!" and was actually really scared. it was kind of funny, but sad at the same time. Tom of course LOVED it cause that meant she would grab onto him for dear life.

here are pictures!

here are some from the trunk or treat on saturday:

and these are the ones i took before going out last night. - she just wanted to keep dancing!

Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!!


Jody and Alex said...

I already commented a lot of facebook but she is soooo cute and sooo big! Love her as a little ballerina- oh and love the boots too!

Jenny said...

You need to watch Raising Hope.. 1st it's a hilarious and adorable show and 2nd the Halloween ep from last year in particular.. I have a feeling you and Tom will love it! It's on netflix on demand :)

ryan + elizabeth . said...

Sweet little ballerina!