Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2 more days!

tomorrow is the last day of school.... hallelujah. its a half day. But as a teacher = full day. Then Friday morning Tom has to get all his grades in and have an evaluation from the principal. You know whats funny? All the other teachers signed up for times like noon, 1pm, etc. TOm was one of the last people to sign up and the first time at 830 was up. What are these teachers thinking?! Im happy they did, that means tom can leave as soon as he's done at 9am! then we are off to mom and dads house in Mac for a WEEK! we are so ready for a longer vaca. Sunday is also Fathers Day and D's 4th birthday (AH!) so itll be fun for her to be with grandma on her birthday (she keeps asking every morning and every night "is it time to go to grandmas house yet?!" - and i have to keep responding.. no, 4,3,2 more days).

anyways.... here is what has been happening lately.

sickness. ugh. i rarely get sick but when i do its bad. i have a sinus infection and i havent been to the dr. I dont even have a dr. here now that i think about it.

the boys have a runny nose and with all the mucus build up they cough and when they cough after a bottle.... BAM  - they puke all the bottle up. THe naps have been so off and i have the worst sinus pressure imaginable. Last night i believe i had a sinus migraine... i caved and got soda with caffeine to help (tom and i quit soda once we got back from Ukiah trip... in hopes to lose some weight... along with our elliptical. oh yes. the elliptical thats been sitting in the corner the past 2 weeks because ive been sick and cant breath or do anything that takes more energy then taking care of these three kids and Tom). Luckily tom hasnt gotten sick and D just has a teeny runny nose.

These kiddos have been on the move. Colton is too fast for me and we are investing in a baby pen. So excited for that. Kemp is starting to scoot everywhere and hes beginning to get his knees under him. Oh and colton is now standing on his own when he lets go of furniture and is cruising along. keeping me busy. They will soon be 1! AH

i hope we all get better soon in time for us to leave in 2 days! YAY! can you tell im excited?

here are some pics and videos from the past couple of weeks!!

enjoying the weather!

shes a roberts!

we made a little spot for her to garden and she even got her own gardening gloves

sharing ice cream with mr k

i love this kid in these pjs... which are now officially too small.

i used to take so many pics of D sleeping when she was a baby - i figured i should get a few of the boys! i love when they sleep! makes me want to give them kisses and pinch their little chunky legs and bums!

Mr C.... 

and then tom told me to come into the room to look at D who fell asleep in our bed. This is why she doesnt sleep with us!

and we celebrated toms 28th birthday. I wanted to experiment with a cake. It took me FOREVER! as in 2 hours to put together and decorate. (with the help of d.. which might be why it took a long time!)

I came into my room one night. and this is what i found... looks like someone is a little obsessed with Thumbalina!

Mr. C is obsessed with the bathroom -namely the toilet. he can see from the living room if the door is open or not (by the light of the window nonetheless!) and will race to it. this time he decided to go see what D was up to when she was in the bath.

and now he can get out of the high chair. luckily this is the cheap travel high chair we have so now we had to switch him to the other one!

i knew this kid was tired. i just didnt realize how tired she was yesterday!

she laid like this for awhile. then later that day during quiet time i let her watch a barbie movie. I was calling her to get her attention and then went over to her and found her like this...

and then here are some videos 

this is Mr Ks new favorite thing! its hilarious how much effort he puts into it.

and Mr. C's favorite... grunting back and forth.

there are a few more i need to upload from awhile ago but ill get to that later!

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Jody and Alex said...

I love those videos. So funny how much he concentrates on on blowing raspberries. C sounds a lot like Lucy. Fun pics.