Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Portland Aquarium

D really wanted to go to the zoo while we were in Mac but with the zoo being 12 bucks a person.... and with getting a groupon to the new Portland Aquarium... we decided to do that instead. I also have been wanting to take her to one since she has been loving underwater animals. it was small (thank goodness for the groupon) and we were in and out of there in about 30 minutes which was a bummer since it was quite a drive to get there and back. Oh well! It was fun to say that we actually got to go! The boys did pretty well too and loved looking at things.

our favorite part was the manta rays when we got to touch them. So slimy! they would come upto the glass and top of the water and splash us like crazy. 

also i saw some of the ugliest creatures i have ever seen. I think youll see what im talking about.


Jody and Alex said...

E loved looking at these pictures. She got a little emotional though that she was not able to go to Dulany's aquarium!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!