Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4 years old and 11 months.. for real.

D turned 4 years old on June 16th! AHH! So crazy how fast its gone by yet i feel like shes been in our lives forever! She is getting way too big and too smart! 

We spent her brithday at grandma and grandpas house in mac and it also fell on fathers day! we went to church and she actually went to sharing time in amity ward! i was surprised. but once it was time to go to class she saw us and walked away from her teacher... the teacher goes "Sister Roberts are you coming to class?" and D goes "um. i think its kind of strange." hahahaha. she didnt go back.

we got home and she was seriously up at 5:30 that morning and she refused to take a nap asking to have cake and open presents all afternoon. Grandpa convinced us all to just have cake anyways. So we did. and good thing. She fell asleep about 5 pm and didnt wake up till 6:30 the next morning! poor girl.

here are some pictures of cake/presents!

barbies! currently obsessed

this present was from my dad - perfect for camping. it came with a sleeping bag!

she also insisted that we all go to the carousel. 

For her birthday she insisted on getting her ears pierced. A few months back we saw a girl getting them done and to my surprise tom was like "lets get D's done..." after we agreed about 8 woul dbe a good age. Well D being her smart self said "um i think im not old enough" well... here she is now 4 and apparently shes old enough now. And she kept saying "im going to get my ears pierced!" and i was like well. if she really wants to. i dont really have a problem with it. 

well time went and we didnt get a chance to do it.

Then we were on our way home from grandma and grandpas and she goes "OH NO! i didnt get my ears pierced!" ...
so that may be coming soon.

The boys also turned 11 months on D's 4th Birthday!

honestly i would write out ALL about how theyve changed (which they have a LOT)

but i might just keep it all for their 1 year post which will be in 3 weeks! AH! seriously... 

they did get their first haircuts during this trip! Kemp just got a trim in the back and colton got a lot taken off... in the front he looks a little like Loyd from Dumb and Dumber... Maybe we will keep that and K can be Harry for Halloween. I think it would be perfect actually.

anyways. here are a few cute pics of the boys!

they're getting too big and too smart too. Love these little men of mine! 

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