Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Cookies

After some debate i finally decided we could make Christmas Cookies. D found the cookie cutters last week and so we made christmas ornaments out of playdoh but she wanted real cookies. For some reason this year i haven't been in the holiday mood like usual. which is a bummer! so yesterday we made the cookies and today we frosted them.

they were by far the best cookies i have made. they were called "no spread" for a reason! they stayed just as thick as i put them on the sheet. And i hate hard sugar cookies you almost break your teeth on. These are over a day old and have been sitting out but still soft and chewy! 

D had a blast too. especially when we colored them. but we had to use pink and all the fun colors instead of green and red and white. which was fine! and sprinkles. we had to have sprinkles. but of course all the christmas ones were out at the store. oh well!

here are pictures. the boys enjoyed some popcorn (their favorite!) while we baked.

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