Sunday, December 8, 2013


We had thanksgiving at mom and dads house. I went up earlier in the week and them Tom came up after school got out. We got to go on a date for my birthday and went to Cheesecake Factory and saw Catching Fire. (SO good by the way!) it was nice to get out and be just us!

Tom got to go to the Civil War game (OSU vs UofO) with all the guys.

D got to go see her first movie (twice!) with grandma and saw Frozen (and its all she can talk about)

Here are some pictures

Mr. K got a peppermint chocolate covered pretzel... hah!

And Mr. C found a green marker....


this is how Colton goes after food....

love these next ones of K and Sessie

Mr. C being a ham

new pjs!

Me and Mr. Camden

grandma put up the tree and K climbed up and was amazed

grandma and K... he's our snuggle bug

D and Paysen snuggling in grandma's bed

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