Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter has arrived!

this was our view out of our window the other day. I didnt even adjust colors or anything. i didnt even realize our grass was THAT green. But it rained a lot one day and the sun tried to come out and BAM this beautiful rainbow!

the kids loved looking at it.

then Friday morning at 545 am tom got a voicemail saying school was cancelled. we woke up to this!

i know, not a lot, but it ended up snowing ALL day and we got quite a bit and it was so cold that there was ice on the roads. theres still ice. its been like a high of 25 here. thats not normal!

the boys liked to look at it but got upset with D and Daddy being outside.

they built a snowman!

daddy put his 49ers hat on and she didnt like it. she made me get her a tiara to put on HER. it was a snow woman. Sad i didnt get a picture.

then we finally put up our christmas tree. 

this is what our yard looked like last night. we ended up not having church today either. 

also. i got the stomach flu. it was awful. Mom had it when we left on sunday morning and we thought it was food poisoning. that was until Monday afternoon i went in after colton started crying during his nap. i went in to a crib full of puke. and then he kept puking. we took him into the ER after a nurse told us to to make sure he wasnt dehydrated. they gave him nausea meds and he was fine since...

then tuesday rolled around. I knew tom had a game that night (last one) and my stomach was hurting all day and i couldnt eat. I was just patiently waiting for it to hit me. He got home and we got the boys to bed and i laid down. about 20 minutes in it  all started... and it never really ended. I got so dehydrated and pale and weak. the puking only lasted From 730pm-5:30am but then thers the you know what and then i couldnt eat for 4 days. Yesterday was the first time i was able to eat something solid. The only good thing about this was losing some weight.. (which will come back! hah). Luckily Tom stayed home with me wednesday and then came home early Thrusday to help with the boys. That was the hardest part. Making food (barf..) and picking them up and stoping them from getting into stuff. it was hard. Im so glad its over and fingers crossed. nobody else has gotten it.

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