Thursday, July 5, 2012

32 weeks

1st goal met! - 32 weeks today.
good thing because 2 nights out of the past 3 ive had scares with contractions. Sunday night I was having contractions (painful ones with cramps which ive never had before) and they turned to just uncomfortable ones every 5 minutes for about an hour. Luckily they went away. Then last night when we got home I had some painful ones that were short and some were long but they were coming back to back. Luckily, again - they went away! I gotta make it 3 more weeks!! I have a dr's appointment on tuesday with an ultrasound so we get to see the babies again> Tom is actually going to take D to the zoo that day so i invited tom's mom to come see the boys with me if she wants to come!

so here is my 32 week bump (taken yesterday because i actually got ready!)

How Far Along Are You: 32 weeks

Total Weight Gain: well from last week stepping on the scale its 22 lbs so ill just say that now.

How Big are Your Babies? No idea - according to Babycenter they should be about 3.75 lbs but know one baby is bigger then that, since he was measuring 3 weeks ahead! But i have my appointment next week and we'll know more accurate measurements.

Maternity Clothes: are getting too small for this belly!

Stretch Marks: they keep creeping up my belly - but im slathering on the oils and balms in hopes that they stay light. 

Sleep: lots of peeing. lots of cramping in the legs. lots of movements from the boys keeping me up. But still sleep relatively good.

Best Moment This Week: Not going into L&D with a few scares! haha luckily bad contractions stopped. 

Movements: so.much.movement. and there is a whole lot of head up in my ribs!

Food Cravings: cheesecake ...

Food Aversions: some days nothing seems good to eat but no aversions

Labor Signs: first painful contractions. not just the uncomfortable ones. The ones with cramps and they go into my back as well.

Belly Button in or out?: very out! so much its almost flat and nonexistent.. 

Miss Anything?:being able to on and off the ground with ease!

 What I'm Looking Forward To: 32 week appointment on tuesday with an u/s! 

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Jody and Alex said...

you are all belly, look totally unpregnant everywhere else. Lucky girl! Getting so close!