Monday, July 30, 2012

Kempton's Home!

We were shocked when the NICU nurses/Dr told us that Kempton would be coming home shortly after Colton. We figured another week but not 2 days after!

we are so glad to have them home. We are glad they exceeded our expectations of how long theyd be in the NICU and how well they progressed. and we are SO glad we dont have to make that drive anymore!

So we went from having 1 newborn home for 2 days/nights before having kempton home yesterday. Last night was our first night with both. Luckily they sleep ALL the time and the hardest part of everything is the feeding/bottles/pumping routine with 2. It takes FOREVER and by the time you're done you only have an hour before you have to wake them up again.

Anyways, here are a few pictures we got. We've been so busy with 2 we havent even really gotten many pictures... but hopefully once we figure everything out we can get more. (not to mention we're moving in less then a monht, not sure where we are going to live, havent packed yet, or done anything!)

 leaving the NICU for the last time - (kemptons face says it all! haha)
 Grandpa with the twins - they match!
 Takin a snooze together

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Jody and Alex said...

Oh I just love their matching outfits so cute. Give them lots of smooches for me!