Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My sister in law Bonnie and her kids are here in town visiting. Dulany LOVES her cousin Adam who is a year and a half older then her. She was so excited for him to see her baby brothers and he wanted to hold them so bad. He kept saying "Im DYING to hold the babies!" He always wants to give them kisses and says how cute they are. Niccole (who is 1 1/2) wanted to hold and kiss the babies as well. It was too cute!

So here are some pictures of the cousins meeting for the first time. (Bonnie came the night before .. or morning... when Tom went to go pick them up and came to see them for their 2 am feeding!)

 Kempton Found his thumb! cutie.
And Daddy took Dulany to Scottys Playhouse (indoor play place) and i guess she and cousin adam got a little worn out!

and im sorry im slacking in pictures. we havent really been doing anything super exciting but Bonnie is going to help me take some pictures of the boys so hopefully i can get those up for everyone to see sometime soon!

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