Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the start of something new..

(you know you totally sang high school musical to that post title!)

Here are some pictures of the kiddos while in the process of moving/packing/unpacking in our new place.

I promise ill take pics once the house actually looks decent and is decorated with out boxes everywhere. Might take awhile though. Im exhausted while Tom started his job and I'm doing feedings on my own (which take FOR-EV-OR - said in sandlot way) and well 3 kids is hard work!
so hopefully one of these days!


 love these nightgown things - i dont know why i didnt use them with D

 Look at that chin!

 Love to cuddle with this little man (ok both of them!)

 D in the new house! she looks so old in these pictures it freaks me out!

 Cuddling with daddy. He is too cute.

this is how i feed the boys most of the time with a bottle in each hand/mouth. Most of the time they scoot over to each other (somehow....) and almost always end up ontop of one another!


Alex and Julie Miller said...

Love their little chins:) They are so cute.. Dulany looks so grown up!! Ahh time goes by too quickly. Cant wait to see your home!!!

Jody and Alex said...

They are getting so big! I can see you a lot in one and Tom a lot in the other. Those gowns are awesome, makes things way easier!