Saturday, August 25, 2012

moving day.

today we move into our new HOUSE.... finally we are out of apartment living! no more neighbors above/below/beside us, no more smokers right outside our door/windows, no more cramped living space.

we found a house in myrtle creek (10ish miles from riddle where tom is teaching) thats about 1300 sq feet, corner lot, fenced in back yard, 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, laundry room. (still need to find a washer/dryer though, and no dishwasher.... boo!). ohhh and the rent is cheap!

anyways, tom and leslie took all of our stuff down yesterday and today we are all going down for good! i havent seen the house in person but im so excited!

ill def post pics when its all decorated and what not!

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Kings said...

Isnt it so nice to be in your own place!!!! You guys were great neighbors in rexburg though! But ive had to deal with the smoking neighbors before and I am so glad I dont have to deal with anyone!! Cant wait for pics