Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The roberts family used to go to Lagoon every summer when Tom and his siblings were younger. We went with Dulany and his parents 2 years ago when Tom graduated from BYU-Idaho an this trip was supposed to be tom taking dulany with his family to go camping at lagoon in utah. i was going to stay home with the boys. ... well last minute we all went. So all the siblings and families were there except bonnies husband jason (wish he was with us all - but theyre in hawaii right now so i dont feel TOO bad ; ) haha) But we all had a blast. First we went to Julie's place in La Grande (eastern oregon) for Paysen's baby blessing. It was way fun, and then we headed down to utah to go to lagoon. That 8 hour drive definitely took us a good 12 hours and we got in about 4 am monday. The drive home was a straight shot to Oregon so it was a good 19 hour drive. Can you believe i took my 4 week olds on that long of a trip? i told myself there was no way. But i couldnt let tom and D leave me... call me a wimp!

Anyways, after me saying "no way in heck im going" and my father in law saying "ohhh you'll be fine" - well... he was right! hahaha it was fun, and im glad we went.

 Dulany on her first roller coaster  (which was the wimpy one compare to the bigger one she went on, if you can see, she has her hands up!)
Anyways, i had to steal these pics from julie since i didnt bring my camera. hope she doesnt mind!

all of us at pioneer village cooling down

 the boys just hanging out at the water park
 we went to visit grandma taylor (toms grandma) and got a picture of 4 generations
 Adam and Dulany on a ride. Dulany LOVED all the rides and she totally shocked all of us when she went on roller coasters and different rides (even a little "egg drop") and had her hands up in the air screaming "Wooo!!" she must get that from her daddy.
Tom getting ready to head out with out "bobsled" - this was such a great purchase, thank you craigslist!

we had so much fun over those days but it needed to last longer! it was fun being with all the family and spending some good time together.

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Alex and Julie Miller said...

So Fun!! I am so glad all of us were able to go! We had the time of our lives with all of you. Miss you!! Loved having all of the baby boys together:) Xoxo