Monday, July 23, 2012

"big man on campus"

The nurses say that Colton thinks he's the "big man on campus" because he's exceeding the goals of a 34 weeker. Kempton is right on track which is awesome as well.

today we went in and colton was off the bilirubin blanket so he doesnt have to be wrapped up for most of the day and wear those horrible "sunglasses" as we call it.

we were also surprised when the nurse told us that they took his feeding tube out! Yay!! hes been taking all of his feedings by bottle and if he still has more left they will do it through the tube and then take it out again.

also the boys are moving into cribs. they were in those box cribs because they needed to regulate their temp but today Colton was moved into a crib and it was so fun to see him in the open. Itll be more fun to see Kempton out in the open since its always so hard to see him being in that box.  (colton was on the blanket which kept him warm so he was on one of those huge bed things)

i think with the boys being in cribs. itll be easier for D to come see them for the first time (which we hope will be this week... we are hesitant because she hated visiting me in the hospital).

ALSO! the boys are starting to gain weight. they were losing a little at a time and the past 2 days they've gained weight so we hope they keep it up.

here are some pics we snapped today! (i realized all of them are of colton! i had so many of kempton from before becaues of that blanket on colton that i took a lot of colt today)

 he looks so big, not so much like a preemie with out his feeding tube.

 he ALWAYS sleeps with his one arm behind his head. I believe thats the one that got bruised pretty bad. He is too cute!!

Me and Colt right when we came to visit.

We are so proud of our boys for making progress. I love when the nurses or the head Nicu Pediatrician comes in or calls and tells us how well they are doing and progressing.

we're thinking that with how fast Colt is improving, he may come home sooner then Kemp. Im not sure how i feel about them being separated and kemp being by himself in the Nicu but it would be so nice to have one (if only both!) baby home with me. It'll make it more real for me with being a mom to these 2 boys.

ps other posts with pictures incase you havent seen them below!

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