Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mr. Roberts (and update on twins)

Incase you haven't heard.... Tom got a job! He got a teaching job down in riddle Oregon which is about 3 hrs south of where we are at now. It's a teeeeny little town and the school is grades 7-12. He will be teaching business classes and will help build the business program at the school along with some math classes. We are super excited that the stress of looking for a job is over and we will only be moving 3 hrs away. Not sure how grandma grandpa and Dulany will handle it but we can have sleepovers on some weekends! We aren't sure when or where we are going to move to yet.. Still trying to find places in the bigger towns surrounding riddle. But I am so proud of Tom for graduating and getting his first job! We found out the day after we had the boys so it's sure been an exciting week for the Roberts household!

 Update on the boys... They're doing good. Because of Colton's bruising he has some jaundice or his bilirubin numbers are a little high so he has to be on the blanket. He is doing really well feeding and they even started to see if they would take a bottle. He has really good sucking bc they said he can take a whole bottle while Kempton can get some but not the whole thing. Colton also nursed for the first time today! he did awesome. he was able to latch and he did really well with sucking. He usually gets 38 ml from a bottle or from the tube and he took 24 from my breast which the nurse was very impressed with! It was one of the most amazing experiences even though i nursed D but since i can't have them home with me it makes me feel more like their mommy when i can nurse them.

They've both lost some weight but they say that's normal and we hope they will start gaining weight back soon. Kempton is also still in the bed to keep him warm. They are both such great mellow babies. The only time I've heard either cry (more like whimper) is when they are being taken out of or put back into their beds or getting their diaper changed.

And these boys looooooove to cuddle and i can not complain at all..except when we need to leave..that's super hard! I'm not going to lie... Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have 3 kids now. It's hard when I'm not doing mommy things like changing diapers every hour or getting up in the night for feedings or getting them in and out of their crib or getting them dressed. When at home I realize I'm no longer pregnant..they really are here but it's hard! Hopefully it'll get better. I'm glad I'm able to come home and recover from the csection which is going way better then I thought.

ok now for more pictures!

 Daddy and mommy feeding the boys bottles for the first time!

 tiny little fingers.

 on daddys chest.
 the boys! (colton getting burped while kempton takes a bottle) 
 Colton in his blanket with his "sunglasses"
 he just looks so comfortable - Kempton
 Daddy with Colton
Feeding Colton some of mommy's milk

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Alex and Julie Miller said...

Thanks for the amazing updates!! They are the sweetest boys ever! We love them so much and are dying to see them:) We love your family of 5