Friday, July 12, 2013

Little Boys Best Friend..

 I took pictures of the boys for their "first year" pictures. I found these few pics of Colton with Arly (kaylees dog who stays at grandma's). I wasn't sure how the boys would react to him but i thought these were freakin cute. 

mom - i found the dog. is that ok?

puppy dog kisses!

Oh thats ok!

Then Kemp found Arly

he was more gentle and soft with Arly - it was too darn cute.

then here are some pics i got from Tom's phone

here are the boys at 3 weeks old .. a week after they were out of the nicu. i know... i dont know what i was thinking.. but we drove all the way to utah and we camped at Lagoon! We are heading back (but going to tahoe first for a few days then over to utah to lagoon). i can't believe they will have been to lagoon twice in one year! Im way excited for D - she loves lagoon. As she says "HANDS up everyone!"

free fishing day with daddy!

we went and surprised daddy at work on his birthday. D said we HAD to get a balloon (this is when i miss having a $tree beside us.) - note: D's face.

taking a ride (ok so it wasnt moving..) at the mall waiting for grandma to take her for a few days.

this is hilarious. i never saw this picture. Apparently Tom found a Beavers helmet and put it on Colt. 

this is the weekend we got our van! Yes. we upgraded to a Honda Odessey! it is awesome and i love it. We drove all the way to LaGrande to go to Paysen's first birthday party and we surprised Julie. She had no idea we were coming.

D insisted Grandma ride in the back with her. of course. (the back reclines and so nobody complained sitting back there!)

Tom had his "thesis" (i dont know what on earth its called for his masters in teaching) published and made into a book... LOTS of hours went into it. we stopped by the WOU library so he could go see it.
its pretty neat to see his name printed on an actual book

this was at the parade on the 4th - the only pic i had!

this is from the golf course in our town - pretty good view huh!?

on our way home from dropping off D with grandma.. um since when did my boys get so big?! (and K is a chunk... mr husky is what we like to call him)

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