Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Fourth

This was our first fourth of july here in southern oregon.

Luckily it was pretty fun and we had a packed day!

First we went to the parade which was in riddle (which was kind of a surprise since its the smallest town here). It was actually really good! We sat with a family in our ward (D and the little boy get along really well!) and so D had a ton of fun getting candy they threw out to the crowd. There were a ton of firetrucks, rally cars, tractors, horses, army vehicles, etc. It lasted quite a while too. Then there were booths set up and we got a snowcone to share. We got tigers blood and it totally made us miss Snoasis in Rexburg. (and im SOOOO mad i didnt bring my camera!)

then we went home and had some lunch and decided to go up to Susan Creek Falls for a little hike. It was much cooler there and it was good exercise and nice to get out of the house after a few days of weather in high 90s. (it reached 100 one day!)

we got home and quickly made dinner and tried to get the boys to bed which didnt even happen (they didnt have one good nap all day!) before we were going back to our friends house to watch the fireworks.

Around 9 we headed over and they bought their own fireworks so it was fun to do those and D got to do sparklers. 

Kemp wasnt so sure about the fireworks. Colton loved them however.

ok and this little girl was SOOO hyper/excited. she was dancing around and doing karate (?) and all over the place.

again - kemp wasnt so sure!

then we saw someone light off their own (illegal) firework in their backyard up on the hill. well we heard it go BAM and saw that it tipped over and caught their yard on fire. I mean i never saw a fire spread like that did. and i didnt realize how huge it was until i saw a few people running away from it and then people running to it with buckets of water. (someone did call on them because a minute later we heard the fire department siren go off...)

then came the big fireworks. they were actually really good! i was surprised.

we didnt get home till 11pm last night and whew. we were tired! 
All in all it was a good day!

also here are a few pictures from the other weekend at grandma and grandpa's house. The girls went to our cousin's daughter's party and got these water shooter things as their party favor. they loved it!!

haha this next one cracks me up.

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