Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lake Tahoe/Lagoon

Tomorrow we are off!! We are headed to Lake Tahoe! Tom's mom's side of the family is actually having a family reunion there this year and i've really been wanting to go there since Tom and his family used to go all the time. It will also be my FIRST time in California - even though we're going to the Nevada part we will be driving through california and we may be going to the california side of the lake at some point? not sure. We are staying at a resort with mom and dad and Julie and her family thursday through sunday.

(of course i had to pull off a picture from the internet. sure looks beautiful!)

then sunday we are headed to SLC, Utah (or Layton to be exact) and we are going to go to:

we are very excited. last year we took the boys at 3 weeks old and D loved it! She wanted to go back so bad and kept asking. She was a roller coaster rock star.... just like her daddy. Im more excited to see her excitement this year then anything.

The boys will be able to get a train ride! haha

anyways we're going to go to the park monday and tuesday and then head back home wednesday.

a whole week of an actual vacation! we've been saving up coachign money this past year for this trip and its finally going to be here - tomorrow!

so look forward to a HUGE post (or multiple posts)

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